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The Details

Please be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and read all the term and conditions for joining us. 



Soup, Salad or Chef's Taste

Main Course



*Tax and gratuity included​

**Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and other dietary restriction options available

***Ask about our group rates


With both grace and humor you will learn:

  • Dining Dos and Don’ts

  • Place Settings

  • Ordering, Seating and Napkins

  • Stemware and Beverages

  • Soup and Other Sauce Based Foods

  • American vs International Etiquette

  • Managing Poor Service and Unwanted Food

  • Family Style and Cultural Dining

  • Dessert

  • Formal Events and Toasting

  • Protocol for Paying and Tipping


Dining Class.png
Did you know...


someone is paying attention to your dining manners? Always.

Having great table manners leaves a lasting impression on not just business relationships, but also those with family, friends and romantic interests. 

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Please  click here for dates and locations.


What's the attire for ladies?

To better deliver on our promise of a refined atmosphere, proper dress is required. casual, comfortable but polished. Dress slacks or no shorter than mid-thigh dress (no shorts, thong/fluffy sandals, or gym attire) and no low-cut revealing tops. No excessive cleavage or see through dresses. No uncovered sports bras or other bra-style tops, excessively revealing clothing or exposed undergarments, or any clothing with offensive language or images. respectfully adhere to the dress code. Refunds will not be issued.


What's the attire for gentlemen?

To better deliver on our promise of a refined atmosphere, proper dress is required. Business casual, preferrably with a jacket. Long pants paired with a comfortable but polished collared shirt. No shorts, sweat pants or gym attire, flip flops, athletic shoes, hats or any clothing with offensive language or images. Men’s shirts must have sleeves. Please respectfully adhere to the dress code. Refunds will not be issued.


Does the cost include tax and gratuity?



Will there be alcohol?

While wine by the glass is available for an additional cost, we strongly discourage the consumption of hard alcoholic drinks before or during the event. Ill behavior of any kind will result in you being asked to leave with no refund. 


Can you accommodate special food requests?

Our pre-fixed menu will always include a meat and vegetarian option. Seafood and vegan requests may be accommodated for an additional cost from the restaurant. If you have a special request, please be sure to note it on the RSVP form.


What is the age minimum? I want to bring my teenager.

We love that you want your teen to learn dining etiquette. However because of the nature of the adult content and alcoholic environment, persons under 21 are not allowed. Contact the host and we can forward you to information for teen dining classes we offer.


Is the venue handicap accessible? Are service dogs allowed?

Most venues by law are handicap accessible. If you have a specific need, please let us know for accommodation. As described by the ADA, service animals are dogs trained to perform a task directly related to a person’s disability and are the only animals allowed. 


How's parking?

Parking varies from one location to the next. You will be updated with parking information in the email reminder one week before the event.


I can't make it on this date - - when is the next one?

Please visit <> to complete the Contact Us form with your inquiry. Someone will contact you to add you to the waitlist for the next event.


Do you offer private events?

Yes. Sometimes clients prefer to receive private instruction: individually or a group, such as a friend group or a wedding rehearsal. We can accommodate most requests. Please contact us for more information.


Do you offer corporate events?

Yes. We've trained companies, universities (athletic depts., business schools, student unions and other depts., etc.), and during onboarding for restaurant staff. If you or your company are interested, contact us for more information.

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