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Dining class for adults



Have you ever sat at a dinner table and thought to yourself, “What is that fork for?” When we eat at home, we use one fork and one knife… if that! So for those times when you sit down at a table and feel like there are enough utensils for each of your clever  personalities, this dining etiquette for adults course will help you cut through the b.s. 

(beef steak)!

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"Garçon" is French for waiter. But it also means boy. Unless you are dining in France, refrain from using the term to get the attention of your waiter. Snapping your fingers or clapping is never appropriate.

"Excuse me" is best. 

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Karen Kennedy Worldwide

Dining for Professionals offers a pleasant and supportive environment in which guests develop their personal and professional decorum. Whether you are new to the business world or have years of experience, our course will help lacquer your dining etiquette, perfect your celebratory speeches—and so much more!


An exquisite four course meal and advanced American etiquette instruction is brought to you by social etiquette educator

Karen Kennedy.


"Karen's ability to connect with a wide variety of individuals was apparent in the first minutes of the event, and she provided invaluable instruction that will benefit attendees throughout their lives." 

-Four Seasons Atlanta

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